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Urgent Care Clinic Near Hamptons in Boca Raton, FL

Boca Medical Care Walk-in Clinic Offers Urgent Care Services 5 Days a Week. Our Physicians and Board-Certified Medical Staff Are Always Here to Help You. Boca Medical Care Is Located at 9250 Glades Rd #110. Boca Raton, FL 33434. Please Call Us or Simply Walk-in.

Have you woken up in the morning only to realize that your little one is sick or that you are running a fever? Perhaps you have been in a situation where you injured yourself while at work, or just working around the house? When non-emergency medical services are needed for you, or your family, near Hamptons at Boca Raton, Florida there is no need to worry. At Boca Medical Care, Dr. Irfan Khan, MD and his compassionate, and professional, team are here to assist. We understand that getting sick or having an accident can be both stressful and at times scary. That is why our compassionate and extensively trained medical staff are here to help with reducing the anxiety.

Why decide on Boca Medical Care for you or your family’s urgent care needs?

When you find yourself in a medical situation that requires urgent care for you, or a family member, it may be challenging to decide if an urgent care or a trip to an emergency room is right for you. If the medical emergency is non-life threatening then urgent care could be the right answer for you and your family. Dr. Khan and his caring medical staff are on hand to help with a variety of urgent care medical situations that may arise. Whereas emergency room visits can leave you and your family waiting for hours on end to see a doctor, at Boca Medical Care our caring medical team understands that your time is valuable, and we will see to it that your minor medical emergencies are addressed as quickly as possible. Another factor that may be involved in deciding if an urgent care is right for you and your family is the cost involved. Often times, an emergency room visit can turn out to be very costly. However, if the medical concern is non-life threatening then an urgent care visit will provide you, or your family members, with outstanding healthcare at a much more affordable cost.

What medical services can Dr Khan and his team help you with?

Dr. Khan and his extensively trained medical staff are trained to help with a wide variety of medical concerns. If you are fighting the battle against the flu, common cold, headache, or an earache, our team is here to help. If it is pain from a fall, accident, or chronic illness that you, or your loved one, is dealing with, no need to worry. At Boca Medical Care our up-to-date medical facility is equipped with the ability to perform X-rays and perform lab tests. This enables our team to identify and treat the medical emergency quickly and efficiently. Whatever non-emergency medical situation presents itself for you and your family you can be completely confident that our Board Certified doctor, Dr. Khan, and his medical staff, are ready to care for you and your family’s non-life threatening illness or injury.

The next time you find yourself thinking urgent care or emergency room for you or your family’s non-life threatening illness, think urgent care and choose the compassionate and professional medical team at Boca Medical Care walk-in clinic near Hamptons at Boca Raton, Florida. Our Board-Certified doctors and medical staff are here to help you and your family with urgent care services 5 days a week. For your convenience Boca Medical Care is located at 9250 Glades Rd #110, Boca Raton, Florida 33434. Give us a call at (561) 250-0770 for more information, or simply walk-in today.